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October 2022 - SFIA update

October 2022 - SFIA update

Learning catalogues | Role and skills framework alignment | Translations of SFIA 8

Learning catalogues and mapping qualifications, certifications and training to SFIA

  • The topic of how employers can create learning catalogues was raised at both of the recent SFIA user story webinars
  • This is closely related to the topic of mapping qualifications, certifications and training to SFIA
  • We are looking for people to help develop ideas and guidelines for the global SFIA community in both of these areas
  • We are looking for a range of SFIA users to join in
    • new SFIA users and experienced SFIA users
    • operational SFIA practitioners
    • providers of training and learning solutions to industry
    • framework architects and designers
  • This will need some planning. At this stage we are looking to understand the level of interest in this topic. Please complete the short form.

Framework alignment and interoperability

Many organisations have seen how the SFIA community has developed a global skills and competency framework. This has inspired them to develop their own frameworks or to use elements of SFIA in their own framework.

The not-for-profit SFIA Foundation is very happy to collaborate and support these initiatives for the benefit of the global community.

  • Framework developers have asked us to develop guidelines for frameworks to work alongside SFIA. It really isn’t as simple as just using SFIA terms and elements.

We can share:

  • how this can be done
  • the costs and timescale to develop such a framework
  • the ongoing costs to maintain a framework
  • the challenges of getting any national usage and/or international recognition

Any country or organisation interested in developing or adopting a framework to work alongside the SFIA global framework should contact the SFIA Foundation.

Developing your role framework

Are you looking to develop the skills and competency of your workforce? Whether you are an employer, an industry sector or a country, understanding the difference between a role framework and a skills framework is important...

  • They each have different but complementary roles
  • SFIA provides a readily available skills framework and ecosystem to support and accelerate how you develop your own role framework.
  • The recent webinar from the Australian Public Sector Digital Profession explained this well. It illustrated how they built their own role framework (around 170 roles) using the international SFIA skills framework.

If this is of interest, please contact the SFIA Foundation.

SFIA 8 published in 11 languages

  • Currently SFIA 8 is available in the following languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian French, Russian, Arabic
  • It is also partially available in Dutch (SFIA 8 summary sheet only) and Portuguese (SFIA 7).

  • With the current global footprint of SFIA and the continual international use of SFIA there is interest in its availability in other languages.

  • We are aware of interest for other languages translations. Please contact the SFIA Foundation if you can help with translations on behalf of the global SFIA user community.

SFIA supports language translations for the benefit of a global community.  SFIA licenses do not allow translations without prior permission. Translations listed on, and available from, the SFIA website are official, licensed and supported by the SFIA Foundation.
Please contact the SFIA Foundation first if you want to translate SFIA content. The SFIA Foundation is very happy for the framework to be translated and we must ensure translations are completed within our translation management system so that they can be released and supported by the SFIA Foundation.

National/International initiatives

For those working in Brunei

Brunei have launched their competency framework …

  • the Brunei ICT Industry Competency Framework (BIICF) launched - the BIICF has "taken reference from SFIA” 

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager