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November 2023 - SFIA update

November 2023 - SFIA update

Making SFIA easier to consume

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Making SFIA easier to consume

  • This short video, produced by the SFIA Foundation, is designed mainly for new SFIA users.
  • It provides an overview of Skills Management and demonstrates how the SFIA Framework can be effectively used to address skills and competencies.
  • Content for this video is drawn from information published on the SFIA website.
  • The video and others is available on the SFIA Foundation YouTube channel

Revamped SFIA cybersecurity view

  • To make SFIA more accessible, we've created a new landing page for our cybersecurity view including new graphics.
  • These enhancements illustrate how SFIA supports both cybersecurity professionals and the organizations that employ them. This spans the entire professional landscape of cybersecurity, addressing needs across specialist and non-specialist roles.

The UK Cyber Security Council (UK CSC) are now SFIA Partners

  • The UK CSC is the self-regulatory body for the UK's cyber security profession. It develops, promotes and stewards nationally recognised standards for cyber security in support of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy.
  • Existing SFIA Partners in the field of cybersecurity are (ISC)², CIISec, CompTIA, ISACA, and SANS | GIAC. 

Reordering skill categories for easier navigation

  • Responding to user feedback, we're presenting a reorganised Summary Chart.
  • This new version changes the order in which the categories are presented. This brings Development, Delivery, and Change skills to the foreground. 
  • All skill names on the summary chart are hyperlinked to SFIA 8 content. Logged in users can download a copy from the SFIA 8 documents folder

Develop deliver change

Highlighting SFIA skills for a 'Typical IT Organisation'

  • Since its inception in 2000, SFIA has evolved to cater to a broad spectrum of business and technology professionals. To provide a quick start for users, we're showcasing skills associated with typical IT functions, making it easier to navigate the extensive range of skills in SFIA.
  • All skill names on the summary chart are hyperlinked to SFIA 8 content. Logged in users can download a copy from the SFIA 8 documents folder
  • Let us know what you think. Are there any other ways of presenting the SFIA summary chart which would be useful and make SFIA easier to consume?

SFIA 8 for typical IT organisation

SFIA's global impact: The Skills for Agriculture framework 

We are very grateful for the kind assistance of the SFIA Foundation, the global not-for-profit organisation behind the Skills for the Information Age. We have been able to build on their experience of over 20 years developing the SFIA framework. Our intention is that the SFA framework and the SFIA frameworks are aligned, so they can be used together. This is especially useful as agriculture becomes ever more supported by technology. To this end, SFIA have given us permission to reuse considerable sections of their structure and descriptions.
Source: CABI

Thank you for shaping the future of SFIA through your ongoing participation and feedback. 

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