The global skills and competency framework for the digital world
May 2022 - SFIA update

May 2022 - SFIA update

Survey results | Update on webinars | New German language pdf

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  1. Sharing your experiences of using SFIA
  2. New resource for German language users
  3. Basic education/awareness of the SFIA framework
  4. Survey results

Sharing your experiences of using SFIA

  • Thanks to the SFIA users who have offered to share their experience of using SFIA. We hope to announce details of the first webinars soon.
  • We would still like to hear from others - and we are looking at ways to make this simple and comfortable for those willing to participate e.g. 
    • panel discussions can be a good way of sharing and answering questions without being put on the spot as a speaker
    • recording presentations off-line to be shared as a webinar (this allows for edits and removes the concerns of technology failing or words drying up)  
    • written presentations or papers
  • So if you use SFIA and are willing to share your experiences please follow the link
    • This is not a firm commitment - its just a way of showing interest and starting the process.
    • This information won't be shared until you are happy to do so.

New resource for German language users

  • Thanks to Lorena Leimgruber who works at Helvetia Insurance Switzerland. Lorena has updated the SFIA German language A3 summary chart with hyperlinks to all the website pages for all skills and level of responsibility.
  • The document is available from this page.  You will need to be registered and logged in to access the document.
  • With the links Loren has added this pdf is a convenient way of navigating the entire framework and the detailed pages from your computer
  • If anyone can help to add links to the other translations please get in touch.

Basic education/awareness of the SFIA framework

  • Thanks to everyone who completed the survey. We've had a good international response (12 countries/5 continents).
  • We mentioned last month that we are developing material to provide basic SFIA education and awareness in an accessible and engaging style.
  • If you haven't responded yet - it's not too late

    • I'll leave the survey open for the next 2 weeks or so
    • We don't need detailed or lengthy answers - just 1 or 2 bullet points in response to 2 questions
    • The form can be found here

Survey responses

Detailed extract of responses can be found here.

Survey participants highlighted

Features/benefits to share with new SFIA users such as ..

  • exploring skills and levels for future career development
  • covers all levels of responsibility and accountability in an organisation from the newly-joined learner to the strategic leaders.
  • see more details here

Some of the most notable features to be highlighted...

  • it is universal - not tied to any technology, country, role/governance system, professional body -
  • it is used globally and translated into many languages
  • it is based on industry input - i.e. real world not an academic exercise.
  • see more details here

Training should emphasise that SFIA...

  • is a global framework (not just for the UK)
  • is a broad framework covering a number of digital, data, IT, security - it is not just for traditional IT 
  • the levels 1 to 7 are levels of responsibility/impact at work not levels of knowledge. This is especially important when mapping and comparing to other levelled frameworks such as qualifications, academic levels etc
  • see more details here

Training should help people who are assessing their skills by highlighting common pitfalls such as...

  • new users often self assess their levels too high – based on being a subject matter expert or having detailed knowledge rather than understanding the levels of responsibility
  • confusing "knowledge" with "competence". This is particularly relevant to graduates and recent post-graduates who have demonstrated and been assessed for their knowledge, and perhaps skills, but have limited work experience
  • see details here

Any other comments or ideas?

  • help for early careers individuals to interpret SFIA skills. Some detailed examples would be useful - e.g. using "personas" - that say more about an individual's role and how they are demonstrating each skill through specific job role elements
  • representing the concepts of SFIA visually to communicate the basics. Use cases or a rich picture could be handy to help display the value of SFIA
  • development of some short video's based on case studies of how the SFIA can be applied in the real world in a range of scenarios.
  • see more details here

Please get in touch with ideas or questions .

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager