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June 2024 - SFIA 9 beta webinars

Register in advance or the webinars - on the 10th July

I am pleased to tell you that the SFIA 9 beta release will be available on the SFIA website on Monday 1st July 2024

  • SFIA 9 is planned for release in October 2024 - details here
  • Many thanks to volunteers around the world who have supported the development of SFIA 9

Please take some time to review the material available on the SFIA website and then join the SFIA beta release webinar.

Material available on the SFIA 9 website

  • All SFIA 9 skills, generic attributes, behavioural factors and levels of responsibility will be available to browse on the SFIA 9 web site
  • For a quick view you can browse the skills and proposed changes at: the SFIA 9 skills directory A-Z
  • A detailed change log is also available
  • Working documents (Word, Excel) of SFIA content will also be made available to support a more detailed review

SFIA 9 beta release webinars - Wednesday 10th July

To support our global audience, we will run the webinar 3 times at the following times.

Register in advance below:

Wednesday 10th July 07:00 - 08:00  UTC

Wednesday 10th July 13:00 - 14:00 UTC

Wednesday 10th July 17:00 - 18:00 UTC

These events are open, so please feel free to share the registration links with interested parties. If there are any problems registering for these events please contact Lucy via email.

A recording of at least one of the webinars will be made available.

Peter Leather

SFIA 9 Updates Manager