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SFIA 9 Events in New Zealand

Development activity for SFIA 9 is underway

NZ whole-of-country SFIA license 

As part of New Zealand's Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan, the Department of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment established a Whole-of-Country SFIA License in 2022.

SFIA has seen strong adoption in NZ over the last 10 years. The national license is leading to increased interest and use of SFIA across the country.

Upcoming NZ Events on SFIA 9

We know there is keen interest in the next version of SFIA - SFIA 9, due for release in late 2024. The NZ SFIA community has made many valuable contributions and suggestions for previous SFIA updates. The SFIA Foundation is keen hear again from the SFIA community. 

Our NZ partners, Digital Skills Agency and IT Professionals NZ, are running events in August and September to:

  • introduce SFIA to new users
  • discuss SFIA's role in professional digital skills development
  • share thoughts on SFIA themes
  • gather ideas and suggestions for SFIA 9

The events will be led by Daniel Merriott, a long-term advocate of SFIA in NZ, Australia, the UK and beyond. Daniel is a member of the global SFIA Council and the SFIA Design Authority for SFIA 9. 

We welcome your thoughts on:

  • Content suggestions (updates to existing skills, new skills, other ideas)
  • What support you would like to see from the SFIA Foundation (guidance, explanation, support assets, etc)
  • Ideas to make SFIA easier to consume
You can see the change requests already logged and also contribute your ideas at our Future SFIA.
For details of the NZ events and registration pages are here. 

Ian Seward

SFIA General Manager