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December 2023 - SFIA update

December 2023 - SFIA update

Making SFIA easier to consume

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SFIA fundamentals quiz - making SFIA easier to consume

  • We have launched a pilot of a quiz on the fundamentals of SFIA.
  • For both new and seasoned SFIA users, the short quiz helps learn and deepen understanding of SFIA fundamentals.
  • The quiz helps anyone beginning their SFIA journey, whether it's for implementing SFIA at their workplace, for personal development, or just for gaining more insight into the framework.
  • The quiz is short and interactive. It's designed as a learning aid rather than a test. The platform provides feedback and guidance on both correct and incorrect responses.
  • Developed collaboratively by the SFIA Foundation and the Open University, this quiz is published by the SFIA Foundation. 
  • Many thanks to everyone who helped create and test the material.
  • This is a pilot - we would like to develop more quizzes and other learning aids.
  • Get in touch of you have ideas and/or can help the community develop these.

New interactive PDF  - SFIA skills profiles at your fingertips

  • The  SFIA skills profiles page has been very popular since it was first published in 2021.
  • The page is now viewed, on average, more than 3,000 times each month.
  • However - we know that the page is quite long which makes it difficult to browse (there are around 40 different skills profiles to illustrate common industry roles).
  • We also know that pdf versions of SFIA content are very popular and many SFIA users find them easy to use than web pages.
  • We have now published a  pdf version of the illustrative skills profiles with live hyperlinks to SFIA content.

Company logos

  • The SFIA Foundation is a global not-for-profit. We make the content of the framework available for free (or low cost for large organisations or commercial use).
  • The guidance and resources on the SFIA website are also freely available.
  • So while not contributing financially, one way that organisations can show their support for SFIA is by sharing their logo on the SFIA home page.
  • We have created the logo carousel and with thanks to the organisations who have shared their logos so far we have made a start populating it.
  • However - this is only a handful from the wide and diverse set of SFIA users and partners around the world.
  • We would like to have more. If you are an organisation that uses SFIA and/or a SFIA partner and are willing to share your logo - please get in touch. 

Thank you for shaping the future of SFIA through your ongoing participation and feedback. 

Please get in touch. Click below to send an email.

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager