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December 2022 - SFIA update

December 2022 - SFIA update

University of York webinar recordings and slides | SFIA 9 - Share your ideas for future direction and priorities of SFIA

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Latest webinar recording and slides

Thanks to everyone that attended the recent SFIA User Webinar A skills-based approach to student placement assessment  from Luke Bryant, Relationships Manager at the University of York.

The recording, slides and questions and answers are now available here.

Topics included...

  • how SFIA has been implemented into the student placement module and assessment process
  • the different roles involved and how students are supported
  • the benefits of using SFIA for both students and the University

Invitation to universities and colleges 

We are looking for universities/colleges and similar organisations to help develop and share ideas and guidelines for the global SFIA community in areas such as...

  • work-placement assessment
  • apprenticeships
  • aligning/mapping curriculum to competency/skills/knowledge attainment
  • helping students investigate future careers
  • employability - bridging the gap between education and employment 

The invitation is open to SFIA users (new and experienced) - and also organisation's investigating how they could use SFIA .

  • Please get in touch and let us know your areas of interest.

Share your ideas for future direction and priorities of SFIA

We'd love to hear your ideas - you can use this link to get in touch directly.

We are not looking for detailed or lengthy answers - just 1 or 2 bullet points/a short paragraph in response to 3 questions...

  1. What changes are important for the next version of SFIA?
  2. The SFIA ecosystem - what tools, resources, information would help you adopt and use SFIA?
  3. How the SFIA Foundation works with and supports industry.

You don't need to answer all 3 questions - just the ones which are important to you.

Publication date for SFIA 9

  • The current version of SFIA was published in September 2021. We typically operate a 3 year update cycle. So, tentatively, SFIA 9 would be published around Q3 2024 to Q1 2025
  • More details are available here including a link to add change requests

Peter Leather

SFIA Updates Manager