Le competenze globali e il quadro delle competenze per un mondo digitale

Utilizzo e gestione delle licenze di SFIA

Importante: è necessaria una licenza per utilizzare SFIA

The SFIA Foundation maintains and distributes SFIA using a licensing system. For personal career development and for most internal use for personnel management, SFIA is available free of charge. Other uses may require different licenses that may incur a modest fee.

The following is prohibited without a special paid licence from the SFIA Foundation:

  • using SFIA to support the sale or marketing of a product or service
  • using SFIA for external certifications or credentials
  • using SFIA to promote a company or organisation, including in scorecards; redistribution of this material in electronic or printed form to any other organization (even if affiliated)
  • use of SFIA within a large distributed organisation
  • translation of SFIA into another language or language variant and distribution of that version

A separate licence is available for large-scale use of SFIA. This is particularly interesting when a country wants to use SFIA's global common reference model as the basis for its large-scale skills and competences initiatives. The license includes:

  • License for the entire public sector
  • license for the whole country

As a non-profit organisation, the SFIA Foundation does not aim for commercial gains exceeding its subsistence needs. All profits received are used to develop, manage and make available the framework and support adoption by organizations and individuals around the world across the global ecosystem. Our licensing terms reflect the fact that our intellectual property has value, so we seek its protection through a very modest fee for those who commercially benefit from its use. The Foundation does not generate substantial profits and has a very modest operational capacity supported by SFIA users, instructors, consultants and partners around the world.

The governance of the SFIA Foundation is provided by respected professional organisations or bodies and all information can be obtained from the SFIA website: www.sfia-online.org

Intellectual property and copyright

SFIA is the intellectual property of the SFIA Foundation.

The SFIA trademark is protected in more than 35 countries around the world.

Copying of this material is prohibited without written permission or under a valid SFIA licence obtained from the SFIA Foundation.

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Registered office: The Scalpel, 18th Floor, 52 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AF, UK