Naming the data related skills in SFIA

A frequently asked question - why don't all data related SFIA skills have "data" or "data science" in the name?

The skills at a glance page provides a one-page summary of the SFIA  big data/data science related skills and competency levels.

This view showa that SFIA has many data related skills and many of them have Data or Information as a prefix. 

  • However there are other data related skills which are not labelled with "data"

SFIA could have taken the approach to clone existing SFIA skills to make specific Data- specific versions e.g. ...

  • Data architecture
  • Data solution architecture
  • Data solution design
  • Data strategy

The reason is that SFIA's design focus is to have a sustainable and flexible approach to meet the needs of the industry as a whole. So when describing skillswe name some skills generically. This gives people and organisations the opportunity to re-use and re-purpose skills used between specialist knowledge domains.

Looking for a skill name prefixed with data? ... then look at these SFIA skills
Data architecture

Enterprise and business architecture

Solution architecture

Data governance

Information governance

Data management

Enterprise IT governance

Data strategy

Strategic planning

Data management

Information governance

Information systems coordination

Data quality

Quality management

Data programme management

Programme management

Project management