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Convert glossary of behavioural factors to web pages

Purpose: Make it easier to see the value of and use SFIA's business skills/behavioural factors

The glossary of Behavioural factors were introduced in SFIA 8.

  • Complementing SFIA’s professional skills framework, the glossary highlighted the behavioural factors within the 7 levels of responsibility across the 5 key attributes of Autonomy, Influence, Complexity, Business skills and Knowledge.
  • This was an early step in making the contents of the generic attributes easier to consume

Converting the Behavioural Factors into navigable web pages is a further step in making the framework more user-friendly, accessible, and adaptable to the needs of its global user base. 

  • Improved accessibility: Web pages are more easily accessible across various devices and platforms compared to PDFs, which may require specific software to open
  • Enhanced user experience: Navigable web pages allow users to quickly find and access specific information through menus, search functions, and hyperlinks
  • Link to SFIA's 7 levels: Easier to see how the seven levels interact with the behavioural factors
  • Enhanced  searchability: Content on web pages is more easily indexed by search engines, making it easier for users to find specific information about SFIA Behavioural Factors through both internal site searches and external search engines

You can view the  pages here - Generic attributes, business skills and behavioural factors