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Readability improvements for the SFIA generic attributes

Purpose: Build on the successful restructuring of skills for SFIA 8, by doing the same to generic attributes


For SFIA 8, significant readability improvements were made to SFIA professional skills (added Guidance notes, Concise skill definitions, Shorter sentences, Re-ordering and re-formatting the sentences within the skill level descriptions).

Applying similar readability improvements to the SFIA generic attributes

This provides a number of benefits:

1. Improved clarity and understanding: Concise definitions, shorter sentences, and better formatting  make the generic attributes easier to read and comprehend for all users of the SFIA framework.

2. Consistency across the framework: Aligning the presentation style of generic attributes with that of professional skills creates a more cohesive and uniform experience for users navigating different parts of SFIA.

3. Enhanced usability: Restructuring the content with guidance notes and more organised formatting could help users more quickly find and apply relevant information about generic attributes.

4. Easier application in practice: Clearer descriptions help managers, HR professionals, L&D professionals, individuals and others more easily assess and develop these generic attributes in real-world scenarios.

5. Improved alignment with contemporary work practices: Updated language and examples in guidance notes can better reflect current workplace trends and technologies.

6. Enhanced searchability: Restructured content could improve the ability to search and find specific information within the generic attributes section.

7. Support for digital tools: A more structured format would be easier to integrate into digital HR systems and skills management tools.

8. Easier updates in the future: A clearer structure would make it simpler to update and maintain the generic attributes content in future SFIA versions.