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Updated structure for skills pages

SFIA 8 page structure
SFIA 9 page structure
Skill title and code Skill title and code
Skill description Skill description
Guidance notes Guidance notes
Level indicator Level indicator
Responsibility levels explanation
Essence statements for each level
Level descriptions Level descriptions
Related SFIA skill Related SFIA skill

The main structural difference is that SFIA 9 includes additional sections that provide more context and information about the skill levels. Specifically, SFIA 9 adds:

  • Responsibility levels explanation: This section provides an overview of what each level represents in terms of responsibility and autonomy and a generic description about developing skills and demonstrating responsibilities related to this skill
  • Essence statements: These are a distilled representation of the level, providing clarity on what fundamentally differentiates one level from another. This provides a quick understanding of what's expected at that particular level. The generic attributes - in particular autonomy, influence and complexity - have always been a key part of what a SFIA skill level means. By bringing these together on the same page - this makes the link more tangible.

This adds additional text to the page so to aid readability they have been added using expandable accordion-style sections.

New searchable and filterable A-Z list

The A-Z list is a very popular page- only the home page receiving more visitors.

However, with numerous skills scrolling down to find your desired skill can be time-consuming, especially if you are unsure of the skill name.

To address this, we have added a search box that allows you to search for a skill title, skill code, or any keyword. This keyword search will typically return several suggestions for you to select from.

Visualising career paths with SFIA

If there is interest we can create Powerpoint and miro templates for these diagrams too.

Recent changes - making SFIA easier to consume

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