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Cloud computing skills

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SFIA skills encompass the broad cloud landscape

  • Covering the full spectrum of digital, data, technology, and security, SFIA's skill descriptors cater to both specialised and generalist roles within the cloud domain.
  • They detail the essential cloud skills required for roles focused on the technicalities of cloud-computing and also extend to a variety of other technical and business disciplines, including architecture, security, leadership, supplier management, organisational change, people and skills management. 
  • This facilitates a unified approach to skills for cloud and digital transformation.

SFIA - a framework for cloud-computing skills 

In March, we published a web page dedicated to the Cloud-related skills in SFIA, titled "SFIA - A Framework for Cloud-Computing Skills."

As part of the SFIA 9 consultation, we have been reviewing the SFIA skills applicable to cloud computing. For the SFIA 9 beta, we have:

Updated the following skills:

Introduced prototypes for finance-related skills to support FinOps and various working practices such as service design:

Proposed splitting the SFIA skill Release and deployment into 2 SFIA 9 skills