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#1513 Tidy up of Business Modelling (BSMO) change request pending

Remove knowledge statements

All levels - knowledge statements can be removed as it's not an action .... or could be updated with "develops and maintains"
Level 4 feels like a big jump from level 3

Proposed change applies to Business modelling

Current status of this request: pending

nz sfia users
Michelle Shakesheff
Mar 20, 2024 09:32 AM

I agree that the knowledge statements in their current form don't represent an action, suggest these are re-phrased to "utilises" instead?
I also agree that Level 4 is a big step up from Level 3. For Level 3, I would include an indicator of the scale/complexity, for example, produces models for straightforward situations with clear boundaries. For Level 4, I think the reference to significant change programmes should be changed to something like "complex business situations" which has a broader context. I also propose that the reference to organisation-specific techniques should be changed to formal modelling techniques or similar. Also suggest that the discussions about the choice of modelling approach is removed; I believe this is adequately covered by planning own approach.