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#1517 Separate design and implementation within Organisation Design and Implementation (ORDI) change request pending

Although the skill name covers both these are two separate sets of actions and should be split out. The implementation side might be better covered in CIPM

Overall: the skill conflates design and implementation (as per the name) - why wouldn't the implementation part be within Organisational Change Management (CIPM) or split into a seperate skill from design?
Need more emphasis on designing ways of working and working practices, not just job descriptions, structure, etc. Or the ways of working part needs to move into Employee Experience (EEXP)
Level 4 description could move to level 3 - applying standard techniques to produce well-defined outcomes ... in line with Organisational Change Management (CIPM) level 3 actions
New level 4 description would then describe applying techniques to create quality outputs, determine the appropriate format, etc

Proposed change applies to Organisation design and implementation

Current status of this request: pending

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