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#1342 Role for edge processing system design and development change request pending

Skills related to design of edge processing systems should be part of embedded systems design.

To be effective, many embedded systems need to interact with remote centrally located systems. Data volumes being high, increasing amounts of processing are being done at edge processing sites. The design of systems at the edge is a specialised skill, since the edge sites are typically unmanned, have low power availability, bandwidth limitations, etc. The embedded systems designer and developer increasingly has to take cognisance of these limitations. This must reflect in the description of the skills required.

Proposed change applies to Real-time/embedded systems development

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

Keep a watching brief to see whether edge systems are a specific type of system and so - for example - can be addressed by knowledge of edge systems used in combination with skills such as Solution architecture, Systems design, Systems installation, Hardware design, IT infrastructure,. Network design