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#1464 Review whether we say enough about ethics change request pending

Review and consider whether we should say more about ethics in the Generic Attributes.

We already have ethics covered within the Generic Attributes - this is necessarily high-level.

CIPS CEO has requested ethics be addressed by SFIA:

  • It is as it stands !
  • Is this enough ?

In looking at this:

  • We need to get a clearer understanding of the CIPS requirement (is what we say enough, what more do they want?)
  • We need to consider what a international solution looks like - SFIA is global and do different cultures have different views on ethics ?

Current status of this request: pending

Matthew Burrows
May 04, 2023 03:29 PM

This has always been a difficult area because ethics are viewed differently in different cultures, and we can’t dictate what it means as it’s up to each company. In terms of the generics, it’s similar to policy, in that we don’t say what it is but we say people need to be aware and follow policies. It is possible that ethics is a professional skill for those who specialise in that area, but is offered considered part of governance.

Ian Seward (General Manager)
Jun 07, 2023 05:16 PM

While I agree with Matthew to some extent - it has been requested and we should look at where it fits in. We touch on it in the Generics and maybe it warrants a little more effort to explore it. Whatever we do, we will have to explain how ethics is addressed - this is perhaps becoming increasingly important.