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#1469 Review Business Administration to remove something too specific change request pending

Review whole - but replace "Makes simple travel and meeting arrangements." from Level 1 with a generic statement.

The statement "Makes simple travel and meeting arrangements." in level one caused a huge argument - we don't do that but we might be entering stock quantities or ordering something ...

Fundamentally the ADMN could be used more effectively if 'examples' were placed into the Guidance Notes - otherwise it is difficult to get past the 'but we don't book travel'

  • Would the lower levels of this skill be suitable for many 'data entry' roles - if so we need to make that clear ...
  • If not should there be a 'data entry' skill

There are many data entry roles ... that if SFIA does not address then it could be the reason to build yet another framework. It would be a shame if yet another framework is built containing many SFIA skill just because a data entry skill is not present.

This has come from the Health Informatics, records and librarian community.

Proposed change applies to Business administration

Current status of this request: pending