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#1533 Refresh of System Software (SYSP) level descriptions change request pending

Looking for parity across the IT operational skills

Level 3 used to be a good fit for those using system software tools like software deployment and remote desktop - where should those go now?
Level 3 - what does "applies system software parameters to maximise throughput and efficiency" actually mean?
Level descriptions don't make clear that this skill is a good fit for the design and maintenance of managed desktop environments, but the guidance notes indicates this would be a valid use

Proposed change applies to System software

Current status of this request: pending

nz sfia users
SFIA Updates Manager
Mar 21, 2024 11:43 AM

"applies system software parameters to maximise throughput and efficiency" - examples

Adjusting memory allocation and paging settings to optimise memory usage and minimize disk swapping.
Configuring caching mechanisms and cache expiration policies to minimize redundant data retrieval and improve response times.
Configuring query optimisation settings to improve the efficiency of database queries and reduce response times.