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#1512 Re-align level descriptions for Requirements Definition and Management (REQM) change request pending

Par-down expectations at lower levels and provide clearer distintinctions between levels

Need a level for those who capture requirements but don't then go-on to manage requirements ... perhaps level 3 and below should focus on the gathering, and 4+ on the management (as lv4 is generally where we see responsibility for quality coming in)
'management' of requirements might be extended into sprint refinement

Proposed change applies to Requirements definition and management

Current status of this request: pending

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Michelle Shakesheff
Mar 20, 2024 09:49 AM

I don't support this change as I believe that the current skill contains a good level of distinction by referring to "assisting" and also in terms of the scale and complexity. The current wording reflects how the skills of eliciting and managing requirements are learnt on small scale, simple changes and developed to deal with larger and more complex changes through the levels. In my view, it is never acceptable to simply elicit requirements and then hand them over to someone else to manage, the ongoing management of requirements is vital to the production of high quality requirements and should be viewed as an inherent part of requirements work, not separated from it.