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#1463 Provide a simple description of each SFIA Level change request pending

Some additional description of each level is necessary to make the Levels of Responsibility easier to understand.

We currently have Level 1 -> Follow -> Full Description of Generic Attributes (or the Behavioural Factors if the BF View is developed).

The jump from the Guiding Phrase (e.g. Follow) to the Full Description (All Generic Attributes /Behavioural Factors) is felt to be too great a step.

An 'interim statement' should be created (one for each level) to help people to understand what the Guiding Phrase (and hence the Level means). Therefore:

  • Level (e.g. 1)
  • Guiding Phrase (e.g. Follow)
  • Level Overview
    • (e.g. Something like ... 'Someone operating at this level performs routine tasks under close supervision, follows instructions, and requires guidance to complete their work')
  • Level Detailed Description using all Generic Attributes as is)

This is NOT meant to replace the Generic Attributes but to summarise if as a broad description of someone operating at this level.

This is likely to be very helpful to people who are considering what level someone (or themselves) is working at.

Proposed change applies to SFIAv9 Levels of responsibility and generic attributes

Current status of this request: pending

Ian Seward (General Manager)
Jun 07, 2023 04:59 PM

This has been requested and provides an opportunity to help anecdotally describe the levels and also provide a 'shortcut' to the full description to aid in selecting a level.

While this is appropriate for SFIA 9, it may turn out to be appropriate for SFIA 8 - meaning once agreed on the wording we could publish this early as 'guidance' before being formally included into the SFIA 9 release.

It is important NOT to put out multiple or early versions of this other than by the SFIA Foundation.