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#1498 New skill for coaching and supporting the implementation of "ways of working" change request pending

Skill to cover embedding of change that covers methods, practices, culture through (often iterative) improvements toward a defined way of working.

Some overlap with Organisational Facilitation (OFCL), Methods and Tools (METL), Organisational Change Management (CIPM), and Organisation Design and Implementation (ORDI) but none of these really describe the activities performed by those who support a team or organisation with the adoption of new ways of working which encompases cultural change, changes in methodology and approach, and individual change. The skill needed is more akin to a mix of group coaching and individual coaching than facilitation or the other skills mentioned above. There is potential to move the references to suppport for cultural changes out of ORDI into this skill. This would be seperate from CIPM but but we may see roles/people with both skills. Similarly this would be different from METL owing to different activities expected. Again we may see individuals/roles with both skills.

Current status of this request: pending

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