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#1307 Need to cater for Service Integration and Management (SIAM) change request pending

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is being increasingly used to improve end-to-end service quality and value in complex multi-vendor environments.

The current SINT skill appears to be focused on system integration concepts that are too limited in scope and software/application-centric.  I have noticed that most large government initiatives (at least in Australia, but I'm fairly sure elswhere) thare is a much greater focus on end-to-end services often with components provided by multiple partners and vendors.  This means that there is a strong requirement  to integrate and manage at the sevice level not just at the application level and for nominated and requires clear definition of:

  • how responsibilities are allocated for both elements of the service and the end-to-end service as a whole;
  • how support processes and procedures will integrate in a way the is seamless to the business customers and users;
  • how service quality will be measured and accurately reported in a way that is meaningful to the various stakeholders, demonstrates the value delivered, and which informs improvement actions when necessary;
  • how services can evolve in the future to meet both changing business needs and ongoing developments in best practice frameworks and guidance; and
  • how services will be future proofed so that benefits can be delivered over the long term and avoiding costly re-engineering in the short or medium term.

I would request that the current SINT skill is significantly expanded to include SIAM, including consideration of a Level 7 skill, or preferably a new SIAM skill established, probably with skills at Levels 7 to 4.

Proposed change applies to Systems integration and build

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

Proposal is that SIAM can be catered for by application of existing skills. This CR is retained in the deferred list to monitor developments and whether a separate SFIA skill is required. 

SINT is a technical skill rather than the management skills implied by SIAM.

What we changed

Guidance notes for OCDV and ISCO have been updated.

SImon Roller
Aug 28, 2020 08:36 AM

Whilst I agree that SIAM is becoming more popular, I don't believe adding a single skill will do it justice. IMHO, SIAM is represented my a number of skills, both in the Strategy area as well as in Operations. I think the ISCO skill covers many of the coordination skills, and ITMG covers many of the Management elements. The other skills in Service Operations cover many of the day to day activities in SIAM around assurance. Lastly, the OCDV skill captures the service improvement and capability improvement within the SIAM ecosystem, which support the structural elements. My advise would be to update some of the core skills mentioned above so they include some words on SIAM.