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#1515 Level 4 description for Business Process Improvement (BPRE) and move analysis to BUSA/REQM change request pending

Arguably BPRE is about the implementation not the analysis. Never-the-less we do need to recognise those who support the implementation with a lower level of this skill.

The analysis work needs to be pulled out and could be part of BUSA/REQM
Needs to be a level 4 for those enabling the improvement but who don't have the level 5 accountability - typically example would be a senior BA

Proposed change applies to Business process improvement

Current status of this request: pending

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Michelle Shakesheff
Mar 20, 2024 11:23 AM

I agree that there is currently some overlap between this skill and BUSA/REQM, but I believe the distinction should be that BUSA relates to business situations (including people, processes, organisation and IT) whilst business process improvement focuses on the processes. There are many level 3/4 business improvement analysts within organisations conducting Lean type reviews and implementing small improvements in business processes that do not require IT changes or wider organisational changes. I feel this skill should have lower level skills added to reflect their roles, which are typically more junior than business analysts.