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#1456 Hardware Design Level 2 change request pending

From a hardware/engineering company - it is felt that there should be a SFIA Level 2 for this skill - Behrouz Abdolali

There is a need to provide an appropriate level of this skill for Level 2 to be inline with the levels of responsibility of Level 2. It recognises that there are people who perform HWDE at a lo level of responsibility either as someone starting their employment in a HWED role or handling low levels of complexity for instance.

Proposed change applies to Hardware design

Current status of this request: pending

Andrew Thomson
Nov 21, 2022 01:56 PM

Building on the style and wording of "Software design" (SWDN) Level 2, would this work as an initial draft? "Creates and documents detailed designs for simple hardware components or assemblies.
Applies agreed modelling techniques, standards, patterns and tools.
Contributes to the design of components of larger systems and more complex designs. "

Behrouz Abdolali
Nov 21, 2022 03:02 PM

This is my initial suggestion:

"Consistently finishes tactical, end-to-end sub-task, with no technical assistance ideally in a defined hardware module design of larger systems. For example component selection, circuit analysis and simulation.
Creates and documents detailed designs for low complexity hardware module or circuit block.
Applies agreed modelling techniques, standards, patterns and tools.
Research and survey to solve low complexity and no challenging problems that the obvious best solution is available, with clear definition and assumption, clear cause-and-effect relationships evident to everyone, with understand and follow existing tools and methodologies."