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#1462 Generic Attribute Structure same as for the Professional Skills change request pending

Apply the same 'rewrite' principles to the Generic Attributes as were applied to the Professional Skills in SFIA 8.

The rewrite of professional Skills for SFIA 8 and in particular the short description have been very well liked and the same approach has been requested for the Generic Attributes for SFIA 9.

For instance:

  • Generic Name (as is)
  • Generic Attribute Code (possibly)
  • Generic Attribute Description (a short statement of what the generic means - e.g. what Autonomy actually is)
  • Generic Attribute Guidance Notes (?)
  • Generic Attribute Level Descriptions (currently have this may be reviewed for SFIA 9)

Proposed change applies to SFIAv9 Levels of responsibility and generic attributes

Current status of this request: pending

Matthew Burrows
May 04, 2023 03:19 PM

I’ve submitted suggestions for the 4-letter code for the LoRs which is already in use with many organisations.

Matthew Burrows
Mar 14, 2024 08:22 AM

"AUTO" for autonomy, "INFL" for influence, "COMP" for complexity, "KLGE" for knowledge, and "BSKL" for business skills.