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#1455 Foreign language skills change request pending

Foreign language

Adding a skill to describe knowledge of a foreign language, in order to use when applicable and necessary for the role / job. 

Skill levels could correlate to language certificate levels, e.g. :

- skill level 2 corresponds with language certificate level A (basic language skills)

- level 3 is B1: Mastered basics of foreign languages and has practical language skills for every day use, can understand documentations, is able to communicate standard topics to others

- level 4 is B2: navigating confidently in foreign language and is able to create documents in foreign language

- level 5 could correspond with C: proficient understanding and use of foreign language, can conduct complex conversations, including contractual negotiations in a foreign language.

Language skills are a relevant hiring criteria these days, and are one of the distinguishing required skills for certain role profiles, especially in countries with other languages than English. Examples are English language skills e.g. for cloud engineers (need to understand documentation, need to be able to communicate to main service suppliers), supplier managers (alignment, communication of requirements, handling of escalations, planning of improvement plans), service desk agents (understanding of customers from different countries / areas / languages), etc.

Current status of this request: pending

Matthew Burrows
Aug 31, 2023 09:45 AM

Very relevant point. Could be added to the Generic Levels of Responsibility, as it feels more aligned with the communication aspects in Business Skills. However, need to consider this at the Design Authority Board, as many people and roles won't have this element, so maybe it would be best as a Professional Skill, perhaps in the Stakeholder Management sub-category of Relationships and Engagement.