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#1426 Enhancements to ITOP-3 from Network Eningeer Apprenticeship Standard change request pending

Enhancements to ITOP-3 from Network Eningeer Apprenticeship Standard (Reference ST0127)

Statements to consider adding: ITOP-3: 

  • Undertake upgrades to a network including physical or virtual systems.
  • Interpret written requirements and technical specifications in relation to delivery of network systems and services.
  • Maintain accurate logical records in line within organisational policy when carrying out network tasks.
  • Consider the impact and risks when implementing network changes in line with work activities and escalating as required by organizational policies.
  • Communicate technical network requirements effectively and professionally with a range of stakeholders ensuring stakeholder relationships are maintained.
  • Incorporate considerations of the requirements of the wider digital context in which they operate to ensure that network engineering activities are carried out effectively.
  • Ensure all network engineering activity complies with organisational policies, technical standards, health and safety legislation, data security requirements, professional ethics, privacy, and confidentiality.

Proposed change applies to IT infrastructure operations

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

Network support and Network design have been refreshed for SFIA 8

Propose that they are reviewed for coverage against these statements.