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#1514 Distinguish Acceptance Testing (BPTS) from Testing (TEST) change request pending

Too much overlapping content - too easy for users to pick both skills without better guidance/descriptions.

Language borrowed from TEST results in significant overlap - this isn't so useful when using these skills to build position descriptions.

Proposed change applies to Acceptance testing

Current status of this request: pending

nz sfia users
Matthew Burrows
Mar 14, 2024 09:39 AM

Maybe the overall description and the guidance notes for BPTS should be clearer on purpose of acceptance testing - which generally is about confirming a new system/application or new release for an application meets the defined business case benefits/outcomes, and is suitable to be accepted into support as a live system/application. With TEST, it is typically testing specific components, often focused on whether it meets the functional requirements related to the process the system or application is supporting. So, often BPTS is at a business level and TEST is at a detailed functional level.