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#1317 Consider splitting skills descriptions (and level descriptions) into atomic sentences change request pending

Some approaches to assessment of competence against SFIA look for evidence of repeated, successful application of a proportion of the facets of a skill. However, some skill / level descriptions are single paragraphs. It would support such assessment approaches if the skill descriptions published in the framework were atomic sentences rather than conjunctive paragraphs.

A common requirement for "full competence" in a skill at a particular level is evidence of repeated, successful application of 80-85% of the elements of the skill over an extended period of time.

The meaning of "85%" is difficult to determine if the skill description (or, indeed, the characteristcs of a level of responsibility) are expressed as a single paragraph, which could be taken to imply that meeting the skill is "all or nothing". 

I do not believe that SFIA has ever taken a strict, tick-box, approach of everything has been required - but what is 85% (or 50%, for the "broadly competent" level) of a single paragraph.

Expressing the descriptions as (mainly) separate atomic sentences (unless two facets of a skill are inextricably linked), as is already done in BCS's SFIAplus extension to SFIA, would help make more sense of 50/85% requirements.

This request applies both to skill descriptions and also to the generic characteristics of levels of responsibility (but the drop-down doesn't permit selection of two options - hence it is under "general"...)

Current status of this request: pending

What we decided

include in review  of SFIA document/web page design for SFIA 8.