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#1507 Better level descriptors for Specialist Advice (TECH) change request pending

Ensure level-based expectations are consistent with levels of responsibility. Current descriptions don't help distinguish levels of advice clearly.

Need reference to WHO they advise ... e.g. lv4 advising on operational delivery, lv5 advising to operational leadership and the translation of strategy into operations, lv6 advising on strategy and advising senior leaders ... see Organisational Facilitation (OFCL) for an example of this kind of scoping
lv6 the maintenance of a network isn't a level 6 activity (more level 5).
Generally too easy to claim this skill - more emphasis on the advise and nature of the advice is needed

Proposed change applies to Specialist advice

Current status of this request: pending

nz sfia users
SFIA Updates Manager
Mar 02, 2024 10:20 AM

A couple of thoughts
1. We should look at adding content in an Activities may include…..” section too.
2. Maybe the focus is not on WHO but on the level of IMPACT of the specialist advice. This will provide a strong alignment to SFIA's levels of responsibilities at levels 4,5 and 6

Grant Nicholson
Mar 07, 2024 06:49 AM

Is there some way to say that this skill relates to providing professional advice. i.e. it's not just advice, but professional expert advice, and the skill is about making sure the advice given is professionally sound.