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#1554 Add Level2, Level 3 and Level 4 for Business Process Improvement change request pending

Add Level 2 Level 3 and Level 4 to Business Process Improvement skill

Based on my previous professional experience and interaction with clients as accredited SFIA Practitioner we agreed that Business Process Improvement skills can start from Level 2 (Assist). Please see the feedback supporting this request:

  • Junior employees are capable of suggesting improvements to business models, business operations and services with improved processes.
  • Being able to practice this activities helps build experience to continue building business use cases for improvements as they see fits and benefit the business.
  • The improvements may be of small less complex size at Level 2 but can grow as the progress up the skill level to be more complex. 

Proposed change applies to Business process improvement

Current status of this request: pending

Grant Nicholson
Mar 07, 2024 04:25 AM

I agree with Level 4. Not so sure at the lower levels.
I think typically people at Level 2 will participate in BPI activities as directed, much like they may participate in strategic planning and governance activities, but they aren't really exercising a professional skill in doing so.
Level 3 is a bit less clear cut for me. There may be something in it, but I don't see it in my environment.

Prem Singh
Apr 11, 2024 04:22 AM

Thank you for your feedback, Grant. I completely relate and agree that at level 2 we are not asked to execute business process improvement but contribute as directed.
I spent some time reading section and this has guided me to reevaluate my feedback.
The BPI activities as directed would come under BSMO and BUSA skills to name a couple which are suitable prerequisites skills for BPRE.
With this approach I agree Level 4 should be added as starting from level 5 would be a stretch for career growth.