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Job descriptions and job postings related to AI/ML

These are useful as they ensure that we are identifying skills the industry needs now.

SFIA as a framework is not a forecasting tool - we aren't trying to include skill predictions for the next 10 years.

In the field of AI/ML there are many examples of organisations putting these skills into practice now.

By looking at the jobs early adopters of AI are creating - we can derive skill requirements for the industry.

For SFIA 8 consultation research - we are collecting a snapshot of AI/ML job postings here

  • if you have your own sources of AI/ML jobs and skills - please share.

Jobs researching AI/ML

Jobs building AI/ML models

Jobs using AI/ML to drive innovation

Jobs implementing/scaling AI/ML solutions

Jobs using AI/ML tools

SFIA 8 actions

This is a work in progress which is being developed as part of SFIA 8 consultation.
It will change over the duration of the SFIA 8 consultation.

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