SFIA 8 Change log

Use the change log to track progress on SFIA 8 updates. You can see what skills are being changed and why .

SFIA 8 Change log 

This change log is for general awareness only. It will change. You use it at your own risk.
The SFIA 8 proposals on the website may be substantially modified prior to launch or may never be released.
A final and complete set of release notes will be published alongside formal publication of SFIA 8.

SFIA 8 change log.pngClick on the image to view the log

We need a change log to manage the planned scope of SFIA 8

  • For SFIA 7 - the change log was published as "release notes" to communicate where changes had been made.
  • For SFIA 8 - we are experimenting with making the change log visible earlier in the development and implementation phase
  • The development and implementation phase is the best time to identify additional changes, interdependencies, omissions, questions.
  • All comments are welcome. Please contact Peter  Leather, SFIA Updates Manager & SFIA 8 Project Manager

Using Google sheets

  • Google sheets provides a feature to auto-publish sheets as a basic web page.
  • Using these feature means we can communicate those changes also without duplicating effort 
  • It does mean the format and look of the change log is basic