SFIA View: Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Digital marketing MKTG

Integration of digital marketing with traditional print/broadcast methods, to support the research, analysis and stimulation of potential or existing markets for products and services, both to provide a sound basis for business development and to generate a satisfactory flow of sales enquiries. The management and development of strategies, campaigns and day-to-day marketing activity delivered through web and other appropriate digital channels and technologies.

Selling SALE

The identification of sales prospects and their qualification, the development of customer interest and the preparation (including managing the bid process), execution and monitoring of the sale of any product or service into an external or internal market.

Sales support SSUP

The provision of technical advice and assistance to the sales force, sales agents, reseller/distributor staff and existing or prospective customers, either in support of customer development or sales activity or in fulfilment of sales obligations.

Product management PROD

The active management of a product or service throughout its lifecycle (inception through to retirement) in order to address a market opportunity /customer need and generate the greatest possible value for the business.