SFIA View: User experience

User experience

User experience analysis UNAN

The identification, analysis, clarification and communication of the context of use in which applications will operate, and of the goals of products, systems or services. Analysis and prioritisation of stakeholders’ “user experience” needs and definition of required system behaviour and performance. Resolution of potential conflicts between user requirements and determination of usability objectives

User experience design HCEV

The iterative development of user tasks, interaction and interfaces to meet user requirements, considering the whole user experience. Refinement of design solutions in response to user-centred evaluation and feedback and communication of the design to those responsible for implementation.

User experience evaluation USEV

Evaluation of systems, products or services, to assure that the stakeholder and organisational requirements have been met, required practice has been followed, and systems in use continue to meet organisational and user needs. Iterative assessment (from early prototypes to final live implementation) of effectiveness, efficiency, user satisfaction, health and safety, and accessibility to measure or improve the usability of new or existing processes, with the intention of achieving optimum levels of product or service usability.