Measurement MEAS

The development and operation of a measurement capability to support agreed organizational information needs. The planning, implementation, and control of activities to measure attributes of processes, products, and services in order to assess performance, progress, and provide indications and insights to actual or potential problems, issues, and risks. The identification of requirements, selecting measures and measurement scales, establishing data collection and analysis methods, setting target values and thresholds. Measurement can be applied to organizations, projects, processes, and work products.

Measurement: Level 6

Creates the measurement framework and aligns measurement objectives with business objectives. Develops organizational policies, standards, guidelines for measurement. Leads the development of organizational capabilities for measurement (including automation). Provides resources to ensure adoption and adherence to policies and standards.

Measurement: Level 5

Provides advice and guidance for effective use of measures and measurement. Establishes measurement objectives and the scope of measurement for functions, teams and projects. Plans and implements improvements to measurement capability. Selects measures appropriate to the context and organizational objectives. Contributes to organizational policies, standards, and guidelines for measurement. Reviews data collection and storage mechanisms (including automation) to support measurement.

Measurement: Level 4

Supports projects, functions or teams in the development of project and/or operational methods for measurement. Specifies base and derived measures which support agreed information needs. Identifies and prioritizes appropriate measures, scales, and targets. Specifies how to collect and store the data for each required measure. Provides guidance on collection of data including automation. Designs reports and reporting formats.

Measurement: Level 3

Applies standard techniques to support the specification of measures and the collection and maintenance of data for measurement. Generates, produces and distributes reports. Uses measurement tools for routine analysis of data. Identifies and implements improvements to data collection methods.