The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

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Skills at a glance

Skills by category
Strategy and architectureStrategy and planningStrategic planning ITSP4567
Information systems coordination ISCO67
Information management IRMG34567
Enterprise and business architecture STPL567
Solution architecture ARCH456
Innovation INOV567
Emerging technology monitoring EMRG456
Formal research RSCH23456
Sustainability SUST456
Financial and value managementFinancial management FMIT456
Investment appraisal INVA456
Benefits management BENM3456
Budgeting and forecasting [prototype] BUDF23456
Financial analysis [prototype] FIAN23456
Cost management [prototype] COMG23456
Demand management DEMM456
Measurement MEAS23456
Security and privacyInformation security SCTY234567
Information assurance INAS234567
Information and data compliance PEDP456
Vulnerability research VURE23456
Threat intelligence THIN23456
Governance, risk and complianceGovernance GOVN67
Risk management BURM234567
AI and data ethics [prototype] AIDE3456
Audit AUDT234567
Quality management QUMG234567
Quality assurance QUAS23456
Advice and guidanceConsultancy CNSL4567
Specialist advice TECH456
Methods and tools METL23456
Change and transformationChange implementationPortfolio management POMG567
Programme management PGMG67
Project management PRMG4567
Portfolio, programme and project support PROF23456
Delivery management [prototype] DEMG3456
Change analysisBusiness situation analysis BUSA23456
Feasibility assessment FEAS23456
Requirements definition and management REQM23456
Business modelling BSMO23456
Acceptance testing BPTS23456
Change planningBusiness process improvement BPRE234567
Organisational capability development OCDV567
Organisation design and implementation ORDI4567
Organisational change management CIPM23456
Job analysis and design [prototype] JADN345
Organisational change enablement [prototype] OCEN456
Development and implementationSystems developmentProduct management PROD23456
Systems development management DLMG4567
Systems and software life cycle engineering SLEN4567
Systems design DESN23456
Software design SWDN23456
Network design NTDS23456
Infrastructure design [prototype] IFDN23456
Hardware design HWDE23456
Programming/software development PROG23456
Systems integration and build SINT23456
Functional testing TEST123456
Process testing PRTS123456
Software configuration PORT23456
Real-time/embedded systems development RESD23456
Safety engineering SFEN23456
Safety assessment SFAS456
Radio frequency engineering RFEN23456
Animation development ADEV23456
Data and analyticsData management DATM23456
Data modelling and design DTAN2345
Database design DBDS2345
Data analytics DAAN234567
Data science DATS23456
Machine learning MLNG23456
Business intelligence BINT2345
Data engineering DENG23456
Data visualisation VISL2345
Database administration DBAD2345
User centred designUser research URCH23456
User experience analysis UNAN2345
User experience design HCEV23456
User experience evaluation USEV23456
Accessibility and inclusion [prototype] ACIN23456
Content managementContent design and authoring INCA123456
Content publishing ICPM123456
Knowledge management KNOW234567
Computational scienceScientific modelling SCMO4567
Numerical analysis NUAN4567
High-performance computing HPCC4567
Delivery and operationTechnology managementTechnology service management ITMG567
Application support ASUP2345
IT infrastructure operations ITOP12345
System software administration SYSP2345
Network support NTAS2345
Systems installation and removal HSIN12345
Configuration management CFMG23456
Release management RELM23456
Storage management STMG23456
Facilities management DCMA23456
Service managementService level management SLMO234567
Service catalogue management SCMG2345
Availability management AVMT456
Continuity management COPL23456
Capacity management CPMG23456
Incident management USUP12345
Problem management PBMG2345
Change control CHMG23456
Asset management ASMG23456
Service acceptance SEAC3456
Security servicesIdentity and access management IAMT123456
Security operations SCAD123456
Vulnerability assessment VUAS2345
Digital forensics DGFS23456
Penetration testing PENT23456
Data and records operationsRecords management RMGT12345
Analytical classification and coding ANCC23456
Database administration DBAD2345
People and skillsPeople managementPerformance management PEMT456
Employee experience EEXP456
Organisational facilitation OFCL456
Professional development PDSV456
Workforce planning WFPL456
Resourcing RESC23456
Skills managementLearning and development management ETMG234567
Learning design and development TMCR2345
Learning delivery ETDL2345
Competency assessment LEDA23456
Certification scheme operation CSOP23456
Teaching TEAC234567
Subject formation SUBF4567
Relationships and engagementStakeholder managementSourcing SORC234567
Supplier management SUPP234567
Contract management ITCM234567
Stakeholder relationship management RLMT4567
Customer service support CSMG123456
Business administration ADMN123456
Sales and bid managementBid/proposal management BIDM3456
Selling SALE3456
Sales support SSUP123456
MarketingMarketing management MKTG567
Market research MRCH3456
Brand management BRMG456
Customer Experience CEXP23456
Customer engagement and loyalty CELO345
Marketing campaign management MKCM345