Security, privacy and ethics

All levels 1 to 7 - extract from Business skills generic attributes

Level 1 - Follow

Security, privacy and ethics — understands and complies with organisational standards.

Level 2 - Assist

Security, privacy and ethics — is fully aware of organisational standards. Uses appropriate working practices in own work.

Level 3 - Apply

Security, privacy and ethics — demonstrates appropriate working practices and knowledge in non-routine work. Appreciates how own role and others support appropriate working practices.

Level 4 - Enable

Security, privacy and ethics — fully understands the importance and application to own work and the operation of the organisation. Engages or works with specialists as necessary.

Level 5 - Ensure, advise

Security, privacy and ethics — proactively contributes to the implementation of appropriate working practices and culture.

Level 6 - Initiate, influence

Security, privacy and ethics — takes a leading role in promoting and ensuring appropriate working practices and culture throughout own area of accountability and collectively in the organisation.

Level 7 - Set strategy, inspire, mobilise

Security, privacy and ethics — provides clear direction and strategic leadership for the implementation of working practices and culture throughout the organisation.